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The Encounter God 2018 will be held at Tryed Stone New Beginnings Church located at 5550 Reading Road Cincinnati, Ohio 45237

About Encounter God Conference

Revival Fire Global Ministries presents The 5th Annual Encounter God 2018 Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio, September 9! Revival Fire Global Ministries is embarking on the 5th anniversary of serving the greater Cincinnati area by cultivating God’s gift in His people, setting foundation back to God’s church and continue to bring back the Fire of God to God’s leadership. This 5th year anniversary plans to be a great celebration and we would be honored to have you be a part of our celebration!


Fairfield Inn

11440 Chester Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45246


Sunday evening will be “Worship and The Word” service. we will Psalmists  and National Recording Artists, Michelle Prather from Nashville, Tennessee and Isaiah Templeton from Charlotte, North Carolina



Michelle Prather

Michelle Prather is described as an anointed power-house psalmist. Michelle’s personal walk with the Lord is evident in her public music ministry. Michelle was born in Tacoma Washington, and at an early age, she realized her gift of singing. She began her musical journey at the age of 12 years old, singing with (who is now known as) Kevin Davidson and The Voices, and for the last 28 years she been operating successfully in her gift and calling. Michelle is an international artist, who has been noted for impacting the gospel music industry.

Michelle is often humbled and grateful for the opportunities that the Lord has afforded her to sing as a lead and background vocalist with such groups as, Kevin Davidson and The Voices, Kurt Carr and The Kurt Carr Singers (who she presently sings with), Nu Tradition, RiZen and 4given. Along with singing with these groups, she has been favored to share the stage with several gospel artists, such as, Ernest Pugh, Mary Mary, Beverly Crawford, Donnie McClurkin, Vashawn Mitchell, Kathy Taylor-Brown, Bishop Paul Morton Sr., Vickie Winans, CeCe Winans, The Clark Sisters, and the list goes on. Michelle has been blessed to be a featured soloist on many different projects. Among those were Bishop Maynard and Cathedral of Praise, which was nominated for a Dove Award (Song of the Year), and Ernest Pugh’s “The Compilation Album”, which was nominated for a Stellar Award. Ministry has taken Michelle across the sea to such places as Africa, and Italy. Beyond the music, Michelle’s first love is the Word of God. Michelle can often be found studying and sharing the word intrigued by its revelation. Michelle is a member of The Dominion Church (Apostle Kevin Davidson), and is currently on assignment at Kingdom Love Worship Center in Nashville, TN (Pastor Teddy and San Jackson). When she is not traveling, she loves to attend her church, and receive manna from heaven out of the mouth of her leader. With her powerful soprano range, energy filled stage presence, and impacting heartfelt anointing, Michelle is sure to bless any room, stage, and/or church she Michelle is sure to bless any room, stage, and/or church she is graced to minister in.

Isaiah Templeton

One of Gospel Music’s rising stars, Isaiah Templeton was born in Massachusetts, but spent most of his life in Dayton, Ohio where he graduated from Wright State University. This is also where he began nurturing the incredible gift given to him by God. Under the tutelage of Pastor Smokie Norful and TreMyles Music, Isaiah recorded his first live album in 2016 which is slated to be released soon! It is sure to be an amazing compilation of songs to turn hearts to God! You may have also seen Isaiah singing background for some of Gospel Music’s leading artists, including Pastor Smokie Norful, Jonathan Nelson and Travis Greene. Now a resident of Charlotte, NC, Isaiah is serving as a worship leader at Have Life Church under the leadership of Pastor Shomari and Co-Pastor Jacque White! Known by friends as ZEEK, you are sure to be blessed by the ministry of Isaiah Templeton.

Apostle Warren Curry

COMPLETE TRANSFORMATION…are two of the best words that describe the metamorphosis that the man who is affectionately called “Pastor Warren” has undergone in his life.

Raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Warren’s early life was marred by the struggles that plague most families that raise their children in the inner city. Although he grew up on welfare, around drugs, and in impoverished conditions, Warren had plans to break out of his environment and make it out of the ghettos that swallowed up so many of his peers. His plan to do this was through education.



Having always excelled academically, Warren graduated from one of the top high schools in the country and eventually went on to become a student at a prestigious historically black university in Louisiana. But this once academic standout eventually became a dropout after he began heavily using and selling drugs to support a declining sinful lifestyle. 

Wanting to insulate and numb himself to the realities of life around him, Warren sought comfort through excessive drug use which became the breeding ground for a habitual criminal lifestyle. The lifestyle that he sought to escape from his days as a child came knocking back at his door and subsequently landed this former college student in the most unlikely of places: the inside of a prison cell serving a three and a half year sentence.

Having hit the lowest place in his life, Warren was reminded of all of the prophetic promises spoken over him by his father who proclaimed “God has a calling upon your life and a work for you to do.” Not knowing where to turn or who to look to for help, he looked up and decided to put his trust in Jesus allowing Him to be Lord of his life.

Due to his motivation to help others succeed, Pastor Warren G. Curry, Jr. founded Life Changers Ministries, an international organization established to help people come into a greater understanding of the Word of God empowering them to win in every arena of life.

He is known for his insightful and timely messages that expose the enemy’s agenda and challenges people to tap into the greatness that lies within each of us. Warren has served as a worship leader, youth and young adult pastor, associate pastor and regularly teaches as a frequent guest speaker for churches, graduation ceremonies, conferences, workshops and seminars.

The radical change in Warren’s life along with his tireless commitment to impacting the lives of inner-city youth and adults in the community and prison systems since his own release has not gone unnoticed. He was honored by the Governor of the State of Wisconsin and received an unconditional pardon for the crimes committed in his youth.
Warren and his wife Tiara currently reside in Cincinnati, Ohio with their five children.

The radical change in Warren’s life along with his tireless commitment to impacting the lives of inner-city youth and adults in the community and prison systems since his own release has not gone unnoticed. He was honored by the Governor of the State of Wisconsin and received an unconditional pardon for the crimes committed in his youth.
Warren and his wife Tiara currently reside in Cincinnati, Ohio with their five children.

Bro. Jerry Culbreth

Bro. Jerry Culbreth is the senior elder, visionary and apostolic leader of the Tryed Stone New Beginning Church in Cincinnati OH. The congregation hosts hundreds of worshippers in weekly services where Bro. Jerry develops, teaches, exhorts and challenges worshippers to be everything they are graced to be in their Kingdom assignment on earth.

A native Cincinnatian, Bro. Jerry received his formal education from the Bowling Green State University and the University of Cincinnati. His professional career path has been in management where he excelled as a gifted administrator and retired as a human resource manager for a national service corporation.

In 1974, Bro Jerry united with the Tryed Stone Missionary Baptist Church under the pastorate of the late Dr Anderson Culbreath. A hunger and thirst for the Word of God sprung up in him plus the zeal to discover and pursue the will of God for his life. The outcome was evidenced in his deep immersion into biblical studies, research and pursuit of the Lord which took him into assignments such as teacher, choir member, trustee, worshipper, male chorus member, praise and worship leader, evangelistic outreach leader, prophet, pastor and now apostle to the body of Christ. In September of 1979 Bro Jerry preached his first sermon and was ordained by Dr Anderson Culbreath.

In 1990, Bro Jerry was released to teach apostolic ministry and governmental structure to the preachers of the Gospel. Dr Anderson Culbreath ordained him as an Elder in 1992 and later commissioned him as an Apostle.

In 2001, Bro Jerry was sent by Dr Culbreath to assist the New Beginning Christian Fellowship Church in Oakley, Ohio as provisional shepherd. He utilized the apostolic anointing on his life to feed and water this flock and promote the Kingdom of God; the church flourished. In 2002 he was ordained Pastor of the New Beginning Christian Fellowship Church by the eldership of Tryed Stone Missionary Baptist Church.

He showed himself as a compassionate leader and his practical approach to the Bible encouraged others to pursue their personal relationship with God. His heart’s desire for a Christ-centered church was evident and people willingly received the principles of God’s Word. The result revealed his belief that the central thing in God’s mind is Apostolic Order and establishment of the Kingdom of God.

In the early summer of 2006, a sovereign move of God occurred and Tryed Stone Missionary Baptist Church and New Beginning Christian Fellowship Church were united as one fellowship named Tryed Stone New Beginning Church. Bro Jerry was called as pastor as the two became one body. It is worthy to note that what made this ‘union’ unique was that both churches were “word based, kingdom preaching, gift oriented and charismatic” churches. The church now flourishes under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and Bro Jerry.

Bro Jerry continues to study for deeper understanding of the Word and will of God. For over 35 years his influence as a powerful, passionate, knowledgeable teacher has become his trademark. As a trailblazer, he conducts seminars on apostolic order, the Kingdom of God and ‘Equipping Ministries’. His motto is ‘every member is important. Every member should participate and No Saint Left Behind’.

Currently Bro Jerry stands in the office of Apostle under the covering of Dr. Ralph Godfrey, Sr., former pastor of New Life Temple also located in Cincinnati, Ohio. As a ‘change agent’, generations will be affected because of Bro Jerry’s passion for teaching, counseling, motivating and mentoring. He is a compassionate, hands-on leader and through his ministry hundreds have discovered their life purpose and destiny. Consequently, his influence of advancing the Kingdom of God is redefining ‘church’ as we know it today. His commitment to developing leaders and setting members of the Body of Christ in right relationship with one another is producing people of purpose, power, praise and prayer.

Bro. Jerry and his wife Jacqueline have been married for 39 years and are blessed to be the proud parents of four adult children, Jeffrey, (Ann), Tracy Napier, (Terrence), Joseph and Troy, (Sharmaine), and four grandchildren, Terri, Jackie, Jordyn and J’niah.


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